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The following is a list of frequently asked questions by incoming students. To view the answers, simply click the + button to the left of the question. To hide the answer, click the +/– again. When you complete your registration for the Personal Development course, you will begin working with a coach from ChoiceCenter. They will provide you with a complete orientation on how to prepare for the Discovery training. If you have questions before registration or in between coaching sessions, please call the Center at 702.838.3988 or email us at wecare@choicecenter.com.

What is ChoiceCenter?
What is experiential learning?
What's the difference between experiential and didactic learning?
Is ChoiceCenter's Training about Emotional Intelligence?
What is Discovery and Breakthrough?
What is the Leadership Legacy Program?
Do I need to live in Las Vegas to participate in 100 days of Leadership?
How many training days are included in my tuition?
Do I need to attend all days of the training?
Why don't my friends and family members tell me more specifics about the training?
My friend went to the training and I didn't see a lot of difference in them. How do I know it will work for me and I will be able to create results?
Is ChoiceCenter a cult?
Who are the workshops designed for?
Are the workshops appropriate for those with alcoholism or other chemical dependencies?
My friend enrolled me. Do they receive a financial incentive for this?
Do you recommend taking the workshop with people I know?
Will the coach I have for my orientation be my coach throughout my training?
Will the workshops improve my career performance?
What type of exercises are included in the workshops?
What should I bring with me to the workshop?
Is the Center wheelchair accessible?
How far is the Center from the airport and The Strip?
Where should I stay during the trainings?
How do I register for the training?
When will my orientation and coaching begin?
What if I can't take the class I registered for? What is the refund policy?
How can I save on my tuition?
What makes the curriculum unique?
How long has ChoiceCenter been in business?