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Since 1998, ChoiceCenter has offered adult and teen personal development and leadership courses using experiential learning to elevate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the single biggest factor in determining success in life.

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  • Kristy Arnett

    For the past decade, she's worked in the poker industry as a reporter and player, and now as a coach, Kristy's passion to help people and take calculated risks helps get people their desired results. Host and creator of the WTF Am I Doing With My Life? podcast, Kristy brings together people who are looking to answer this question in any domain of their life.

  • Karen Rangel

    Karen Rangel is Founder and CEO of FITWHEELZ.
    Karen is dedicated to preventing childhood obesity to empower kids to live a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun. After completing ChoiceCenter's leadership program, Karen is now on the move bringing fun fitness and learning to kids all over the Vegas valley!

    “ChoiceCenter allowed me to overcome any limiting beliefs I had that were holding me back from taking the plunge to launch my business. I accessed the courage to take risks and just go for it! I raised my self-awareness and realized that I had all the tools. What I learned was being courageous, and getting into urgent action along with the partnership from my coach and the LV153 Leadership team, I took the concept of my vision to REALITY. I’m humbled by the power of EQ Leadership – humbled and looking forward to a bright future with FITWHEELZ!”

  • Gabe Griess

    Gabe Griess is currently the CEO of Garnet Peak Development, which focuses on clean energy and sustainable water resources. He spent 20 years in the Air Force and ran for state senate in California.

    “Choice center brought me to the love of my life, Kristie. I was given a stretch to identify the lady of my dreams. I happened to sit next to one of Kristie’s friends on my flight back from the training. She saw how beaming and full of life I was after finishing the weekend of leadership and EQ training. We started talking and soon after she introduced me to my future wife. We now have three beautiful kids."

  • Ed Clay

    Ed Clay, LV140 is the founder of Chipsa Hospital.
    “I opened the hospital with Scott and it was part of my ChoiceCenter 100 day PSP. Now we are creating a giant holding company that has a lot of businesses that make a difference in the world. In the next six months, we are making four new companies. It’s blowing up and insane – I can do whatever I want, work really really hard, not blame, take personality responsibility. All these tools Choice gives me. It’s up to you if you want to use the tools – let’s use them to change the world.

    We had 980 percent growth in 2016 and plan on seeing 1000 percent growth in 2017 and have 1000 employs, with multiple companies working synergistically together and helping each other to will change the world. It will be awesome! It’s powerful and exciting.”

  • David Silverman

    David Silverman founded NFM Lending in 1998 in a tiny corner office in Baltimore with three employees. Today NFM Lending has grown into an award-winning national lender that employs over 400 people with 40-branchs.

    "While attending Choice’s coerces I transformed my business because I showed up differently, I listened and hired the right employees and opportunities came to me. When I put that positive energy for good, results happened. In the past I would just sum it up to luck, and now that I don’t view there is no such thing as coincidence. Since choice I’ve broken all kinds of records and the most I appreciate the most is last year we were the number one place to work in Maryland – and that’s voted by the employees. That does not happen unless you are connected to the people."

  • Daniel Negreanu

    Daniel Negreanu is a professional poker player who has won six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) championship titles. The independent poker ranking service Global Poker Index has recognized Negreanu as the best poker player of the past decade.

    “I have a newfound confidence in trusting myself. I owe it to the training I received at ChoiceCenter. In the early part of the year I was doing my Leadership portion of ChoiceCenter, a course on Emotional Intelligence and I set three specific goals for that three-month period. One of those goals was poker related, getting back in the top 15 of the GPI and quickly after completing the course I jumped to number one!"

  • Antonio Moreno

    Antonio Moreno is eco-conscious clothing designer who lives in San Diago California.

    DeepVibes partners with charities and finances initiatives that promote social equality and the conservation of our environment. Every garment has been knit, cut, sewn, and dyed in the USA, with the health of our planet at the front of our consciousness. We are a proud member of 1 Percent for the Planet.

  • Alex Cornell du Houx

    Alex Cornell du Houx was elected to the Maine State Legislature and served on the Energy Utilities and Technology and Legal and Veterans Affairs committees. He won the REED award for the best national Public Affairs Campaign for his work founding Operation Free, a coalition of veterans combating climate change. Alex participated and led State Department delegations to Southeast Asia to foster government-to-government relations, is a Huffington Post blogger, a Kentucky Colonel, a senior advisor to the Veterans Campaign, a member of the Global Advisory Council for the American Veteran’s Committee, Partner with the Truman National Security Project and founded the Maine New Leaders Council. His value based communications trainings are requested worldwide. He served in the Marine Corps infantry for seven years, is currently a Public Affairs Officer with the Navy Reserve and consults for businesses, nonprofits, elected officials and candidates.

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